Elea Studio operates globally, specializing in the exclusive Riviera Maya, and extending its services clients, both nationally and internationally. We are dedicated to creating exclusive and personalized projects, exceeding expectations in any location worldwide.

Global design studio

Contract us from anywhere, for any location you choose, but always with professionalism.


Invest in design in Tulum and experience something truly unique! Our clients are nature lovers, sophisticated travelers, and visionary entrepreneurs. Tulum offers the perfect opportunity to create and enjoy exceptional spaces in one of the world's most exclusive destinations. From natural beauty to a relaxed and vibrant lifestyle, Tulum has it all. Join us and make your dreams come true in Tulum!

Playa del Carmen

Invest in design in Playa del Carmen and experience something truly magical! Our clients are beach lovers, frequent tourists, and visionary real estate investors. Playa del Carmen offers an exceptional opportunity to create and enjoy unique spaces in a world-renowned tourist destination. From paradisiacal beaches to a vibrant cultural scene, Playa del Carmen has it all. Join us and turn your dreams into reality in this seaside paradise!

Puerto Morelos

Discover the beauty of investing in design in Puerto Morelos! Our clients are lovers of tranquility, retirees seeking a peaceful retreat by the sea, visionary real estate investors, and hospitality entrepreneurs. Puerto Morelos offers an exceptional opportunity to create and enjoy unique spaces in a serene and picturesque coastal environment.